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Bohemian Prints Bree & Alistair  %title %site_name Wedding Photography Australia

Bree & Alistair

Bohemian Prints Jess & James  %title %site_name Wedding Photography Australia

Jess & James

Bohemian Prints Jazmine & Marcus  %title %site_name Wedding Photography Australia

Jazmine & Marcus

Bohemian Prints Alexandra & Gareth  %title %site_name Wedding Photography Australia

Alexandra & Gareth

Bohemian Prints Mira & Zain  %title %site_name Wedding Photography Australia

Mira & Zain

Bohemian Prints Megan Thompson  %title %site_name Wedding Photography Australia

Megan Thompson

Megan Thompson | Celebrant

Megan Thompson is your modern day celebrant. She is chic, charming and ultra professional. Megan has a talent for creative writing and fully customises her ceremonies according to her couples’ needs. This commitment to her role also ensures wedding guests are completely engaged in the ceremony and walk away knowing they have witnessed something truly special.

Her happy and calm demeanour is soothing and her willingness to share her wealth of industry knowledge is refreshing. If you want a flawless ceremony, Megan is our first choice and after meeting her, she will be yours too.

Bohemian Prints Megan Thompson  %title %site_name Wedding Photography Australia

Bohemian Prints G and T Films  %title %site_name Wedding Photography Australia

G and T Films

G and T Film | Videography

The brainchild of visionary UK filmmakers Tye and Gabi, this creative duo had me at G and T.

They create wedding films that exist beyond the confines of the typical trope. G and T films is a merging of absolute skill in film and free-flowing creativity through art, creating films that exist beyond the confines the typical trope. With them, your wedding won’t be squished into a fashionable cookie cutter. It is free to fit the form that best describes you and your day. You want rock ‘n’ roll kitsch – they will do it! You want chic splendour – they can be cool. More sweet and modest? – they’ll whisper with you.