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Principal photographer Elle was introduced to photography at the tender age of 12 and has never looked back. She lovingly studied her Bachelor of Arts (Commerical Photography) degree at prestigious RMIT University, Melbourne. After working for inspiring fashion and lifestyle brands such as Cristina ReHussyNicole Fendel and Pedla, she decided to follow her true calling in creative wedding photography. 


The Art

Bohemian Prints is a collective of artists who create stills from imaginary films.

Inspired by love, light and colour our team is most fulfilled when we capture your story of romance from start to end.

Combining our years of experience in the bridal, fashion and design industry, we specialise in creating fine art images that are stylish, whimsical and eclectic.


The Artist and Her Muse

The relationship between the artist and *muse is intuitive, private and natural.

The muse is someone that has the ability to excite our creative spirit and ignite our desire to create works of art.

By stimulating the creative passion from within, the muse provides us with energetic fuel to capture original and magical stories that are unique and timeless.

Without the muse, the art can not exist.

*Muse is the bride and groom


Our work is dedicated to all the wild romantic brides out there.