Bohemian Beach Wedding in St Kilda

Bohemian Prints_Adrian and Edyta_365.jpg

We love shooting weddings. Whether they are big or small, each event presents endless opportunities for us to get creative and work within our means.

From time to time, we book small and interesting elopements. We would love to share some of our favourite shots from Adrian and Edyta's three hour elopement captured at the St Kilda Botanical Gardens. This couple advised that they had selected Bohemian Prints for their big day as they loved our beach location photography. In order not to let them down, we ensured that we allowed enough time to capture some special images with the couple on the beach.


If you want someone to capture the most important moments of your special day in a unique but totally natural and full of emotions way, this is the only photographer you should even be considering. Elle from Bohemian Prints has impressed us with her professionalism as well as involvement in the work she has done. She gave us her time, attention to details and beautiful memories for which we will be forever grateful to her. Special thank you to Simon, a real gentleman.
— Adrian Mika
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