Bohemian Wedding editorial: Viktoria

Bohemian Prints Viktoria035.jpg

'Viktoria' is a visual story about exploring the juxtaposition of raw with unprocessed natural elements. Once again, using the ocean as our main source of inspiration, we have been influenced by Australia's raw textures of nature such as the grounding sand, raw stones and enticing turquoise salty water. We created a whimsical story utilising the earths natural resources contrasting it with delicate roses, silk fabrics and soft skin. The theory behind earthing is that the electrical energy from the earth can be absorbed through your feet when you walk barefoot especially on wet or moist sand. It is a meditative activity that will leave you feeling grounded and centred. 

Using the backdrop off of All Smiles Sorrento, we hope that you enjoy our creative editorial.

Click here to view full editorial. 

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