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BTS: Wild Romantic Editorial...

This month, our creative director Elle decided to shoot a bridal editorial that was close to her heart. Inspired by the freedom that the ocean has to offer, her 'Wild Romantic' editorial is a combination of beauty, freedom and ultimate connection.

I am constantly inspired by the ocean and tend to let the currents guide my heart. I believe in a majestic way that we are all connected to the ocean. Especially in those times that we feel like we are about to sink, it is important to remember a heart full of love, compassion and empathy will always stay afloat.
— Elle

'Wild Romantic' was shot in Fairheaven, Victoria where the heavens showered us with beautiful crystal blue skies and magical shimmers of majestic waves. We can't wait to share this editorial with you all. We would love to thank our very talented team of creatives.

Models:  Jae @ Giant Model Management + Justin @ Chadwicks Models

Stylist: Helen Cauchi

H+MU: Bernice Makeup Artist

Photography: Bohemian Prints

Horse: Misty @ Blazing Saddles

Videography: Native Melbourne

A very big thank you to Nicole who went above and beyond to ensure that Misty the horse had her 'A Game' on for our shoot.